Our Team

The Dental Team

At Fence Houses Dental Practice and Park Lane Dental Practice our dentists, dental nurses and reception staff will always aim to provide a high standard of care and service for patients. The members of out dental team are:


  • Dr. Farshid A. Ardabili (BDS)
  • Dr. Andrew P. Lightfoot (BDS)
  • Dr. Mahfaruddin Mohammed (BDS)
  • Dr. Carla Marques Da Silva (BDS)
  • Dr. Bhavani P. Artham (BDS)


  • Julie LightFoot
  • Victoria Baguel

Brook Young

Farshid A. Ardabili

GDC No.67964
Registered 1992 (Statutory Exam)

Brook Young

Andrew P. Lightfoot

GDC No.73158
Registered 1997

Brook Young

Mahfaruddin Mohammed

GDC No.229842
Registered 2012 FDSRCS Edinburgh

Brook Young

Carla Marques Da Silva

GDC No. 84514
Registered 2004

Brook Young

Bhavani P. Artham

GDC No. 250311
Registered 2013

Karen Robinson

Julie Lightfoot

GDC Num 6351

Karen Robinson

Victoria Baguel

GDC Num 156223