About Us

We would like to welcome you to Park Lane & Fence Houses Dental Practices, where we have been serving the local communities for over 40 years. We offer the best treatment available on the NHS. We also offer treatments that are not available on the NHS which are classed as cosmetic / private. Whether it’s a bridge or crown to fillings or veneers we do everything you need to have a great smile.

Your teeth and oral hygiene are important to us. Regular visits to the dentist would maintain and secure your oral health; it will also keep the cost of your treatment low, which we understand is very important.

The practice is reassuringly patient-focused, taking into account your wishes and listening to your concerns, as well as always fully explaining your options and openly detailing costs.


We have agreed with Sunderland PCT to provide NHS dental services for all patients.

NHS dental treatment includes all treatment necessary to secure and maintain your oral health. We also provide a full range of private treatment options for patients who choose to have treatment that is not available under the NHS – for example large white fillings on back teeth or cosmetic treatment such as tooth whitening.

The poster in our waiting room has information about cost of HNS treatment and leaflets are also available. Your dentist will advise you of the cost of any private treatment.